Bingo Rules


Policy guidelines for conduct and management of TV bingo

The rules listed below are Telile TV Bingo house rules. By purchasing a bingo book, the player is agreeing to play by Telile TV Bingo house rules.

1. The telephone operator shall answer all incoming telephone calls and signal to the caller to cease play.

2. The telephone operator shall request the player to identify the serial number and card number (free space number) to verify the winning card.

3. The winning card is verified by comparing the numbers on the winning card to an identical card programmed in the computer verification system or book.

4. If the card is not a winning card, the caller will proceed to call the next number (s) until another call stops play and a winning card is verified.

5. The phone number will be displayed during the broadcast to call and verify a card.

6. The first player to call in with a winning card will not necessarily be the only prize winner. The player determined to have completed the pre-determined pattern in the least numbers shall be determined the winner(s). Explanation see #18

7. The telephone lines shall remain open for 30 minutes after the broadcast to allow verification of cards. After 30 minutes, all games are closed and prizes awarded.

8. The winning card must be presented to receive your bingo prize.

9. Telile is not responsible for books or sheets that could not be played, no exceptions.

10. Telile reserves the right to advertise the winner’s name on the scroll and website, as well as announce the winner’s name on the air and name the store they purchased their books. The name that is advertised will be same name written on the cheque.

11. In the event of a power or cable outage during the Telile TV Bingo, the TV Bingo will be held the following night starting at 6 pm. If the outage is during the bingo we will wait one half hour if the outage is not restored we will continue the next night from where we left off. We will recap the game that was in progress and play the rest of the games. Any books bought on the next day are eligible only for the games that were not completed. All winners’ cheques will be delivered the day following completion of the Telile TV Bingo games.
12. All telephones are electric, so in case of a power outage telephones do not work.

13. A bingo ball has to be verbally called to be valid.

14. Lucky Number: An extra dollar will be charged per book and that dollar will go into the Lucky Number prize. The Lucky Number is only valid on the books. The Alcohol and Gaming has a maximum $20,000 limit per week prize limit. In the event that the lucky number prize exceeds that limit, Telile will freeze the lucky number at the maximum allowable amount and start a new lucky number prize in reserve. The fifth week it is frozen, Telile will call two lucky numbers, the sixth week Telile will call three lucky numbers, the seventh week Telile will call four lucky numbers. If it doesn’t go by week seven it will be forced to go in week eight.Any person who chooses not to participate will be required to come into Telile studio prior to the Bingo commencing and leave their name, serial number, free space numbers so that they can be refunded the dollar. The caller will be given the list of names so that if any person who opts out of playing the lucky number will not win the prize that evening if they call and win on the lucky number that was drawn at the beginning of the game night.

15. Forcing Lucky Number in Week 8 Games 1 – 9: Telile will call one lucky number at the start of game one. If it does not go by the end of game one, the caller will call two lucky numbers at the start of game two, if it does not go on game two, three numbers will be called at the start of game three. (4 at game 4; 5 at game 5; 6 at game 6; 7 at game 7; 8 at game 8). If the Lucky Number prize has not gone on game nine, the caller will call nine lucky numbers at the start of game nine.

16. Forcing Lucky Number on Game 10: If the Lucky Number has not gone at the start of game 10, the caller will call ten lucky numbers. If the first person to win does not have bingo on a Lucky Number they will win the regular prize for game 10 and the caller will continue until there is a winner(s) on a Lucky Number in a book. That person will win only the value of the lucky number prize.

17. Once a player wins bingo on a lucky number, the lucky number is closed for the week. The following week the Lucky Number prize will start at the amount in reserve plus the sales from that week.

18. As explained in rule # 6 & 7; the Alcohol and Gaming Authority requires that the person that wins bingo in the least amount of numbers is the full prize winner. This is NOT a rule that was created by Telile, this is rule set out by the Lottery Commission. Telile established a consolation prize set up to offset the disappointment of not winning Telile TV Bingo. Telile does not have to give out a consolation prize and some TV Bingo’s do not. But Telile sets aside a maximum of $100 per week for consolation prizes. The most a consolation prize can be is $25. If there are more than four winners, we divide the $100 by the number of consolation prizes.

  1. Game 1, any two lines in 15 numbers. We will freeze this game at $11,00. For the first  week that the game is frozen we will continue to play for any two lines in 15 numbers. On the second week it will be moved up to 16 numbers and third week 17 numbers, forth week 18numbers, fifth week 19 numbers, sixth week 20 numbers, seventh week 21 numbers, eighth week 22 numbers and the ninth week 23 numbers, tenth week 24 numbers, eleventh week 25 numbers, twelfth week we will play until the game goes.20. Game 11, the Community Hall Game, is played on an extra sheet and will be sold for $1. The prize is 1/2 and 1/2. All profits from game 11 will be divided equally between the 14 halls in the catchment area.  The lucky number is NOT valid for this game, only games in the book.20. There is no room at the Telile TV Bingo Studio for general public to play bingo.21. There is no age restriction to buy TV Bingo Books or play TV Bingo.

Excerpts from Lottery Commission Rules

Prize values

12 (1) Not including special bingo prizes, the total value of all bingo prizes awarded by a single licensee shall not exceed $20 000 for any day.

(2) Not including special bingo prizes, the total value of all prizes awarded at a single approved premises shall not exceed $20 000 for any day.

(3) The total value of all prizes awarded for all special bingo games operated by a single licensee shall not exceed $20 000 for any day.

(4) A special bingo prize that is not awarded by a licensee at a particular bingo event may be carried over to the licensee’s next bingo event and increased in value, subject to the prohibition in subsection (3) against exceeding the $20 000 maximum prize value.

(5) When a special bingo prize that is carried over to subsequent bingo events reaches the maximum of $20 000, the licensee shall notify the Executive Director and advise how the licensee intends to award the prize.

(6) A special bingo prize that reaches the maximum of $20 000 must be awarded within 12 weeks of the date it reaches the maximum

[Term of licence]

11   A licence to operate a bingo may be issued for a portion of a day or for a period not to exceed 3 years.

Section 11 replaced: O.I.C. 2002-10, N.S. Reg. 7/2002; amended: O.I.C. 2013-282, N.S. Reg. 285/2013.

[Hours and days of operation]

11A  (1)  Except as otherwise approved by the Executive Director, no bingo shall operate on any day

(a)    between the hours of 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.; and

(b)    between the hours of 12 midnight and 1 p.m.

Subsection 11A(1) amended: O.I.C. 2013-282, N.S. Reg. 285/2013.

       (2)    No bingo shall operate on Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

Section 11A added: O.I.C. 2002-10, N.S. Reg. 7/2002.

Règlements du Bingo TELILE télévisé

Quand un joueur achète un livre du Bingo TELILE, il accepte de jouer selon les règlements du Bingo TELILE.

1. Le téléphoniste doit répondre à tous les appels téléphoniques et il doit indiquer au crieur, à ce moment, l’arrêt du jeu.

2. Le téléphoniste doit demander au joueur d’identifier son numéro de carte et de série pour vérifier une carte gagnante.

3. On identifie une carte gagnante en la comparant avec une carte identique à l’ordinateur, faisant partie du système de vérification électronique au livre de vérification.

4. Si la carte présentée comme une carte gagnante est refusée, le crieur de jeu procèdera aux prochains numéros jusqu’à ce qu’un autre appel annule le jeu et la carte est vérifiée.

5. Le numéro de téléphone sera exposé pendant l’émission pour appeler et vérifier une carte.

6. Le premier joueur qui appelle avec une carte gagnante ne sera pas nécessairement le seul gagnant. Le joueur, ayant accompli le modèle prédéterminé employant les moindres nombres, sera déterminé le(s) gagnant(e)(s).

7. Si un joueur perd son bingo parce qu’il a fait l’appel en retard, il recevra un prix de consolation. Telile a mis à côté un maximum de 100$ par semaine pour des prix de consolation. Le maximum qu’un prix de consolation peut être est 25$. S’il y a plus de quatre gagnants les 100$ seront divisées par le nombre de prix de consolation.

8. Les lignes téléphoniques resteront ouvertes pour une période minimum d’une demi-heure après la diffusion pour permettre la vérification des cartes gagnantes

9. La carte gagnante doit être présentée afin de vous permettre de réclamer votre prix.

10. Après la période d’attente de trente minutes suivant le bingo Telile ne sera plus responsable des livres ou des feuilles qui n’ont pas été jouées ou n’ont pas été vérifiées.

11. Telile se réserve le droit de publier le nom du gagnant sur le rouleau et/ou le site Web et d’annoncer le nom du gagnant sur les ondes. Le nom annoncé sera tel que celui écrit sur le chèque

12. Tous les téléphones sont électriques, ainsi en cas d’une panne d’électricité les téléphones ne fonctionneront pas.

13. Une boule de bingo doit être annoncée verbalement pour être valide.

14. Un dollar par livre vendu sera remis envers le prix du nombre chanceux. Le nombre chanceux est seulement valide sur les livres.

15. Le nombre chanceux est la première boule de la soirée. Une fois qu’elle est annoncée, elle retourne de nouveau dans la machine avant le début du premier jeu.

16. Une fois qu’un joueur gagne le bingo sur un nombre chanceux, le nombre chanceux est fermé pour la nuit.

17. Le jeu 11 est joué sur une feuille supplémentaire vende pour $1. Le prix est moitié et moitié. Tous les bénéfices de jeu 11 seront divisés également entre les quatorze salles dans le secteur.

18. Si le nombre chanceux n’est pas gagné, les ventes de cette semaine seront ajoutées au prix de la semaine suivante.

21. Aucune limite d’âge pour jouer ou pour s’acheter des cartes de bingo.

If you have any questions about any of our Bingo rules, please call the Telile Community TV office from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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