Eight good reasons to advertise with us!

1. Competitive pricing - you won't find cheaper rates
2. Full screen colour ads
3. Convenient and fast (call today and get your ad on right away)
4. Update your ad on a weekly basis
5. Your ad appears at least 300 times a week for pennies a showing
6. Long term saving options
7. Your message reaches into the homes of your potential customers
8. TELILE is now available in more than 40,000 homes in NS
and 1.2 Million across Canada!

What are you waiting for?
Effective and affordable advertising on TV

In today's competitive environment, it is extremely important that businesses advertise. Get your message out there in an effective and affordable way. Broaden your business horizons with Telile Community TV, a unique community television station.

How can your customers watch Telile TV?

Locally, viewers can get us on Ch. 10 using an antenna, Ch. 4 on the EastLink system in Western Richmond County and on Channel 63 on the Seaside system in Eastern Richmond County up to New Waterford, Glace Bay and Louisbourg.

Your potential customers are turning to Telile for local up-to-date information and entertainment. Here is your opportunity to tap into this market!

Call TELILE today (902) 226-1928 or email rhonda@telile.tv
We’ll be happy to help you design your new and unique television advertisement!

Reaching 41,000 in NS & 1.3 Million across Canada every day!

Weekly $25 (+15% HST) =$28.25

Monthly $75 (+15% HST) =$86.25

3-Months $200 (+15% HST) =$230.00
($67/month; a savings of $25 or 11%)

6-Months $365 (+15% HST) =$419.75
($61/month; a savings of $85 or 19%)

12-Months $640 (+15% HST) =$736.00
($53/month; a savings of $260 or 29%)

To present the most effective message, one page should have between 20 - 25 words of text, to a maximum 35 words. We will happily assist with design and wording.

All 3, 6 and 12 month packages must be paid in full within 30 days to receive discount.

All ads consist of one page of text and they are on the air for 15 seconds.

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Effective and affordable advertising on television

A History of growth

Why your customers watch us!

Why we are unique.

What are you waiting for?
Effective and affordable advertising on TV

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Visit us at 17 Conney's Lane in Arichat


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Did You Know!

Telile is one of only nine over-the-air, not-for-profit, non-branded community stations in Canada.

Telile is now on the Bell Satellite system on Channel 536!
Tune in to check out what's going on in Isle Madame and surrounding areas.


Telile TV Bingo

Play Telile TV Bingo every Wednesday evening at 6 pm ...
guaranteed fun for the whole family, and you never know,
you just might win some cash!

We would like to congratulate our winners and thank our dedicated players for your continued support, without it we can't provide the services we do for your community!

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Office Hours:

8:30am - 4:30 pm M- F
Ph.# 226-1928

-You can reach us on:

-Channel 536 (Bell Sat)
-Channel 58 Bell FibreOp
-Channel 4 (EastLink)
-Channel 10 (Antenna)
-Channel 63 (Seaside)|

(Eastlink and Seaside locally only)

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