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Show # 76

We visit Cape Breton Beverages in Sydney to see how the operation works, and just what else goes on. I think you will find it interesting.

Show # 77

Venez voir tout ce qui se passe au Centre La Picasse. Billy Joyce est notre guide lors d’une tournèe du centre et parle aux gens qui travaillent. Là Activité dans le cadre des Rendezvous de la Francophonie (11 au 24 mars.) (temps 52:40; 2002)

Show # 78

Nanny Mac: a Mother’s Day tribute. Join the family of Lizzie Mae “Nanny” MacDonald as they share some memories of her 108 years of life.


Show # 79

Rhonda speaks to Terry Power and Trevor Wilkie of Department of Natural Resources to get more information on their work in biology, conservation and research.

Show # 80

Join Rhonda as she speaks to Dr. Allan Kipp. Allan will fill us in on his trips to Kenya in the “Docters without Borders” program .See some exciting photos and stories during this informative show. (2002)

Show # 81

Have you been wondering why that apple tree in your back yard never produced apples? Well, Ronda wondered, and called Earl Doyle.Earle is going to demonstrate how to graft apple trees.

Show # 82

Silver Donald Cameron speaks to Stewart Perry about the different types of CED and how it applies to our area. (2002;time 30:50)

Show # 83

First we will enjoy the blessing of the fleet from the Festival Acadien this summer, then two ceremonies with local interest. First, two special Pathfinders; Melanie Martell and Gillian David and two people inducted to the Order of Canada: Eva Landry and Fr. Greg MacLeod.

Show # 84

Join us as we spend a little time with Delores Boudreau as she chats with Rhonda and sings few songs from her new CD, “Me, Myself et Moi” Visit her web site at www. Delores Boudreau. Com. The CD is available at Telile and makes a great Christmas gift! (2002)

Show #85

We visited the West Richmond Elementary School Evanston site for their annual Christmas Dinner and we spoke to organizer Mary Covin, we also spoke to Billy Digout about the school choir’s accomplishments and the new school band.(Time 28:30: 2002)

Show #86

Rhonda visited the Leeside Transition House in Port Hawkesbury. She spoke to a few members to learn about their role in the community. She also spoke to three former clients that have used the transition home; A very enlightening and informative program.
(Time 32:35)

Show # 87

Join us as we speak to John Boudreau about his induction into the Order of Nova Scotia last October. We will also show you footage of he and Jimmy Kehoe being inducted in Halifax. (2003; Time 30:20)

Show # 88

Join Kevin Beanland “Air Canada’s Flying Fiddler”, Smokey Joe and Joe Hynes for some toe tapping country music with a Newfoundland flavour. ( show 1 of 2)

Show # 89

Join Kevin Beanland “Air Canada’s Flying Fiddler”, Smokey Joe and Joe Hynes for some toe tapping country music with a Newfoundland flavour. (Show 2 of 2)

Show # 90

Father JJ visits us to discuss his latest trip to Scotland. Always some great stories and photo’s.

Show # 91

Rhonda chats with Dan Wahl, our Tourism Officer from the County of Richmond, to see how the tourist season is looking. And we visit some winter resident to out area, Peter and Sylvia Bonsey living in the old Mauger House in Poirierville.(2003;time 42:20)

Show # 92

Rhonda spoke to Sergeant Brian London, the new Richmond Detachment Commander, about policing services in the county.(2003; time 37:35)

Show # 93

Join the students and teachers at the Richmond Academy for their first Art Exhibit including a drama presentation, an art competition and music.

Show # 94

Rhonda parle avec Delores Boudreau de le Congrès Mondiale 2004. Rhonda visits with Delores Boudreau to chat about the Congrès Mondiale 2004. Francais/ Angais (2003 Temps 48:10)

Show # 95

Rhonda speaks to Premier John Hamm, Cecil Clark, Minister of Economic Development and joins some presentations at La Picasse.

Show # 96

Rhonda speaks to Michel Samson, MLA for Richmond for an update on provincial affairs. (2003; Time 35:15)

Show # 97

Join Rhonda as she speaks to Jeff Stanley, the newest employee at Development Isle Madame, about his new job and some of the projects that he is working on. (Time 29:45)

Show #98

Rhonda Speaks to Richie Cotton to find out more about him and his candidacy for the NS Progressive party.(2003; Time 30:00)

Show # 99

Rhonda speaks to reps of Ducks Unlimited (DU) about some of their activities and Robbie Wyre about their annual DU Auction held in Louisdale. And a DU video “ Part of the Solution” (2003; Time 38:02)

Show # 100

Rhonda speaks to Andre LeBlanc, Development Officer for the County of Richmond, about the upcoming “broadband” project and what high-speed internet would mean for us. (2003: 29:55)


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Show # 101

We have a visit from Rob MacLean, a musician for Baddeck, who treats us to some original songs. Great country / folk music; fust Rob and his guitar.(2003; time30:00)

Show # 102

Rhonda visits the Cap Auget Trail with Jeff Stanley for a tour and an update on the progress. (2003)

Show # 103

We join Mark Boudreau in Port Hawkesbury, former resident of Petit de Grat, to see how he creates a model of the steamship, the KYLE; a craftsman must-see.

Show # 104

Join Earle Doyle as he and his committee open “Doyle road”, the newest multi-purpose trail on Isle Madame located between D’Escousse and Rocky Bay (2003)

Show # 105

We enjoy the Anniversary Celebration held on July 27 at St. John’s Anglican Church in Arichat. Then we join Jean Bonin and Gail McKay for discussion on the history of the church(2003; Time 1:01:25)

Show # 106

First we join Robbie Fougère of Petit de Grat for a tour of his garden, and then we get some garden winterizing tips (2003; Time 31:00)

Show # 107

Rhonda speaks to Danny MacLean, of the St. Peter’s Department of Natural Resources office on his experience with the forest fire the crew from Nova Scotia was sent to fight in Alberta. (2003; 29:00)

Show # 108

Get an update on recycling as Rhonda speaks to Michelle Campbell on recycling do’s and don’ts (2003; time

Show # 109

Join Leonel LeBlanc, Ceilidh Trail Woodcraft of Mabou, as he discusses his art of making fiddles and mandolins; a very interesting program for musicians and non-musicians alike. (2003; Time 30:20)

Show # 110

Aujoud’hui, un remerciement à claire Landry au mois décembre 2003 du personnel et les étudiants d’École Beau-Port pour ses trente-quatre ans de participation au concert de Noël. Et un entrevue avec La coopérative Radio Richmond Ltée. 97,1FM. Nouvelle employée et nouveau projet pour l’an 2004.

Show # 111

Join Rhonda as we enjoy the music of Jason Williams, a native of L’Ardoise with roots in Isle Madame. Jason’s CD is on sale at Telile and other outlets around Richmond County(2004; Time 54:10)

Show # 112

In honour of Valentines Day and Heart & Stroke Month, we are going to speak to volunteers for Heart & Stroke; Holly MacIntosh about the organization and their goals. (2004; time 32:10)

Show # 113

Book launch of Peer into the Past by Stephanie Campbell in association with the Richmond Literacy Network. A few local people read some personal stories from the book. (2004; time 50:25)

Show # 114

We join the open house at the Early Childhood Intervention office in Port Hawkesbury and speak to Executive Director Maria Babin of West Arichat, staff and parents about the needs of children with special needs. (2004; time 27:20)

Show # 115

You can get out of the winter doldrums and get active right in your own back yard. First we are going to speak to the owners of PACE-UR-SELF fitness center, then Wendy Boudreau and FITNESS FRIENDZY and Cecile Hyland and the activities at Richmond County Recreation. (2004; time 26:20)

Show # 116

Rhonda speaks to Fr. John J. MacDonald about his recent trip to Cuba (55:00)

Show # 117

Join us as we get a tour of our new Municipal Office (2004; 44:05)

Show # 118

Corporal Paul Vickers of The Richmond District RCMP (2004; 28:35)

Show # 119

October 18 – 22 is Waste Reduction week. Join us as we recognize people who make a difference. We will also give you some helpful reduction tips. (2004; 37:15)

Show # 120

Join us as we speak to David Forgeron, chairman of the 2004 Tall Ships Visit to Isle Madame and we will tour the tall ship, MIRCEA, anchored in the Arichat Harbour o August 4 and 5 (2004; 29:10)

Show # 121

Rhonda speaks to Don Boudrot on his book ‘The days of wooden ships and iron men – A brief history of Isle Madame’ published by the Isle Madame Historical Society

(2004; 53:20)

Show # 122

Rhonda parle avec Ben Samson sur le livre d’histoire de 100e anniversaire de l’Église St. Joseph à Petit de Grat. (2004; 35:30)

Show # 123

Rhonda parle avec les musiciens locaux Delores Boudreau, Céleste Boudreau, Michelle Boudreau-Samson et Marylin David sur le CD Les Anges a Géraldine. Tout l’argent est pour le cancer du sein.

Show # 124

Rhonda speaks to members of the Isle Madame Historical Society to learn more about the important role they play in archiving our local history. (30:45)

Show # 125

Rhonda speaks Diane Paquet, Mark Coffin and Ivo Winters on the new land registry act and how it pertains to us; very interesting and informative. (52:50)

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Telile Today (Shows 126-150)

Show # 126

Rhonda speaks to Alvin Martell; DIMA’s newest Development Officer and new Councillor for District 4, West Arichat. (25:40)


Show # 127

Rhonda speaks to Les MacIntyre of SuperPort Marine as he explains the process of moving the Malagawatch Church to the Highland Village of Iona; great footage of the move provided by Dave Boudreau of West Arichat. (47:30)

Show # 128

Rhonda speaks to Shirley Hartery about “International Woman’s Day” on March 8 and the event that will be held at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Center next Tuesday to celebrate the event. (1:07:50)

Show # 129

Rhonda meets with Paula Davis and gets a tour of the newly constructed Port Hawkesbury Civic Center. (27:45)

Show # 130

Rhonda speaks with Steve Sampson for an update on the construction of the new Richmond Villa. (33:10)

Show # 131

Join Rhonda as she speaks with Jimmy Poirier a resident of Louisdale about his experience playing the saxophone, following that will be a few of his songs with some beautiful scenery of Louisdale. (27:45)

Show # 132

Join Rhonda as she visits St. Joseph’s Credit Union during Clarence Landry’s last day on the job. Then she speaks to teachers, students, past graduates about the courses held at L’Université St. Anne. (36:53)

Show # 133

Join Rhonda as she visits the East Richmond Education Center in St. Peter’s and talks to people about a new program they started this year entitled Roots of Empathy. (31:14)

Show # 134

With Joe Mury, a craftsman from West Arichat, building an entertainment center and much more. (27:22)

Show # 135

A Lobster fishing expedition with Captain Clarence David on the “ Ms. L’Ardoise III”. (39:50)

Show # 136

Featuring Johnny Malloy in the Telile Studio singing some original inspirational songs. (30:27)

Show # 137

Rhonda parle avec Antoine Thibeau de Boudreauville qui a fabriquer des épouvantails pour la réunion des Thibeau au mois d'août. Soyez à l'antenne pour une démonstration dans l'art de fabriquer des épouvantails. (2005; temps 31:10)

Show # 138

Join Rhonda as we find out about the new rules and regulations for recycling in Richmond. She speaks to Warden Richie Cotton, Darin McLean—director of Public Works, Councilor John Boudreau and Paul Perry—recycling and composting support services. (2005; 37:15)

Show # 139

Featuring Family Day at Cape Auguet Trail in October and an interview with Dick Thibeau on the Thibeau Family Reunion held the summer of 2005. (2005; )

Show # 140

Rhonda speaks to Monique Guérin, Senior Regional Representative (Currency) for the Bank of Canada as she demonstrates how to detect counterfeit money. This presentation was sponsored by St. Joseph’s Credit Union.(2005; 34:25)

Telile Today #141

We join Mary McLean of D’Escousse as she discusses her experience teaching English at the Mercy Center, an orphanage in Thailand. (2005; 37:05)

Telile Today #142

With author Elaine Ingalls Hogg speaking on her latest book, “Canso Causeway and other stories” and a few experiences that started her career as an author. (2005; 35:49)

Telile Today #143

With Fr. Reg Currie of River Bourgeois as he tells us stories and shares photo’s of his trip to China. (2005; 55:29)

Telile Today #144

Join us for an enjoyable visit with Jimmy Bowden, master engraver and goldsmith, and his son, Bobby at their shop in Louisdale as they explain and demonstrate the art of working with jewelry (2005; 45 minutes)

Telile Today #145

Rhonda chats with Ralph Roberts about his experiences with the Royal Canadian Legion and as a sailor with the Royal Canadian Navy. (2006; 28 :46)

Telile Today #146

Justin Mury vous introduire au Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2006. Il parle avec Janine LaCroix, Lisa Berthier, Edna Landry, Vincent Boudreau et Père Remi Qu’est-ce que c’est l’importance des Rendez-vous à toi? (2006 ; 28 :30)

Telile Today #147

Join Rhonda as she speaks to Jennie Pardy & Margaret-Ann Landry about their CD project called Sing For The Cure it will be launched at the Relay for Life on June 9 and all sales will go directly to cancer research. (2006; 31:25)

Telile Today #148

St. Anne’s Community and Nursing Care Centre in Arichat “evacuation” then Rhonda speaks to Eric Burke and Cecil Frost. (2006; 27:42)

Telile Today #149

Rhonda speaks to Jeanne Joyce on her new book “Isle Madame – a place to call home” which features the history and stories of the island. (2006; 33:08)

Telile Today #150

Rhonda speaks to a few Newfoundlanders who made Isle Madame their home and to Mary Louise Samson who wanted to recognize the contribution Newfoundlanders made in the community. The program includes Bill Bungay, Allan Savoury, Frank Rideout and Freeman & Vera Skinner discussing their experiences in Newfoundland and why they moved to Isle Madame (2006; 35 min.)

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Telile Today (Shows 151-169)

Telile Today #151

Rhonda parle à M. Robert Fougère et Mme. Michelle Theriault au sujet du projet de homards à l’Université Sainte-Anne. Elle visite leur laboratoire et écloserie de homards sur le campus où, présentement, ils étudient la viabilité d’élever des homards juvéniles comme moyen de supplémenter les stocks de homards. (2006; 32:50)

Telile Today #152

Rhonda gets a tour of Petit de Grat Packers crab plant from Philip Gagnon, Plant Manager. Philip shows us the steps from unloading the boats through to packaging and shipping; a very interesting and informative tour. (2006; 26:27)

Telile Today #153

Rhonda visits the Richmond Arena and learns about the newly rejuvenated Ringette program in the area. (2006; 29:05)

Telile Today #154

Rhonda chats with Silver Donald Cameron on his new book, “Sailing Away From Winter” (2006; 30 minutes)

Telile Today #155

Rhonda chats with members of the Isle Madame New Horizon’s Seniors Club in Arichat. (2006; 42 :05)

Telile Today #156

Rhonda rencontre Dr. Brad Sweet concernant sa recherche de la culture et le rôle de l'Église catholique dans la région de l'Isle Madame et le Compté de Richmond"

(2006 : 33 :10)

Telile Today #157

Constable Julia Bernier-MacKenzie goes over the steps you would have to take to join the RCMP…a very exciting career move and they are recruiting in our area. (38:00; 2007)

Telile Today #158

The Rural Dialogue Team visited Isle Madame in January and Alvin Martell talks to Rhonda about their findings (2007; 29:50)

Telile Today #159

Dr. Brad Sweet joins us a second time, this time in English to share some of his research on our Acadian culture and history…very interesting. (30 min; 2007)

Telile Today #160

Mark Boudreau, formerly of Petit de Grat, gives a narrative on the model boats he has made over the years (2007; 29:27)

Telile Today #161

Rhonda spoke to four participants of the Heritage Fair held at Felix Marchand School in Louisdale. (2007; 27:34)

Telile Today #162

Join the volunteers at the Lennox Passage Yacht Club as they tour their new facility and “cut the ribbon” to officially open the doors before their annual festival (2007: 27:12)

Telile Today #163

Join Rhonda as she tours two gardens in Arichat and speaks to members of the Isle Madame Garden Club (2007; 35:15)

Telile Today #164

Tour of Battery Park, St. Peter’s with Municipal Councillor and local historian Clair Rankin. Clair talks about Acadian and English settlements in the 1700’s. (2007; 26:25)

Telile Today #165

Author Glen Ells talks about his book, “Starting Over”, a historical romance set in the Annapolis Valley and Isle Madame. (2007; 30:40)

Telile Today #166

We visit MacLeod Resources in River Denys, toured the quarry where they mine the marble, the plant where they create the beautiful products and spoke to the manager about this unique business in Cape Breton. (2007; 37 min)

Telile Today #167

Rhonda tours Samson’s Enterprises with Herman Samson, co-owner. They tour the former fish plant facility and the finished product bought and used locally. (2007; 35:15)

Telile Today #168

Rhonda chats with Connie McNamara, a United Church Minister and former resident of Lower River. She also speaks to Robert Bouchard about his work term at Telile. (2008; 32:23)

Telile Today #169

Rhonda talks with Savannah Gaudet, a resident of Janvrin’s Island, who visited Rwanda on a nursing student exchange. She has lots of photos and stories to share. (2008; 47:28)


Telile Today # 170
The Telile crew visited the Leisure Expo held at the Civic Center, Port Hawkesbury and spoke to a few of the venders.

Telile Today # 171 DIMA

Telile Today #172
Rhonda takes a tour of Claire Kehoe’s flower garden


T E L I L E T O D A Y Show # 173
Rhonda speaks with Don Boudrot as he gives a tour of the town of Arichat. Don draws upon his extensive knowledge of the areas past to give a vivid portrayal of what Arichat resembled in the 1930s. (2008, 30:20)

Telile Today #174 Touch Tank Day
Rhonda speaks with Michelle Theriault about her work at the Marine Center at the Petit De Grat campus of L’Université Sainte Anne. (27:56)


Telile Today #175 Projects in Petit De Grat
Rhonda tours the Green Island Interpretative Centre, Joshua Park, beautification projects and ball field upgrades. She spoke to Robbie Fougere, John Boudreau, Rod Samson and Barry Marchand. (2008; 35:43)

Telile Today # 176 Strait Area Transit
Rhonda attends the open house at the Civic Center to learn about the Strait Area’s new public transit system


Telile Today # 177 George Kehoe
Rhonda speaks with George Kehoe about his extensive and productive vegetable garden; lots of great tips from George on how to grow your own food. (2008, 41 minutes)

Telile Today # 178 CBFA
Rhonda speaks with board members of the Cape Breton Filmmakers Association about its beginning and why there was a need for it. Also shown are some of the shorts created during workshops put on by the association. (50:50)


Telile Today # 179 Hélène Boudreau
Rhonda talks to Isle Madame native Hélène Boudreau about the recent launch of her new book “Acadian Star”, a historical novel written for young readers about a young girl who uses a magic shell to transport herself back in time to the expulsion of the Acadians. (30 minutes)


Telile Today #180 Garden Tips
Join Rhonda as she talks to members of the Isle Madame Garden club about their gardening tips. From Canning your freshly grown vegetables to keeping the weeds at bay, this garden club has a lot to share with viewers. (29:24)


Telile Today # 181 RWA Fish Release
L’Université Ste Anne, PDG Campus partnered with Richmond Wildlife Association to grow and release brown and speckled trout. Rhonda spoke to Michelle Theriault, Aleasha Boudreau and Hubert Doyle to discuss the project. (2009, 29:17)


Telile Today # 182 Bill MacDonald
Rhonda talks to Bill about his weekly radio show “Mostly Classics” on the St. Peters Community Channel 10 (25:20)


Telile Today # 183 Alfred Samson
Rhonda speaks with Alfred Samson on 17th century monk Brother Lawrence’s book “The Practice of the Presence of God” followed by a slideshow from “The Prophecy” the passion from St. Josephs Parish, Bras d’Or. (Time 34:30)


Telile Today # 184 Activités Acadiennes
Rhonda parle avec des personnes dans la communauté de leur culture acadienne pendant la Semaine de la Francophonie 2009. Elle parle avec Gabriel LeBlanc, Zita Thibeau, Dominique Marchand, Thérèse Benoit, Céleste Boudreau, Marilyn David, Janasta Doiron et Edwina Molloy. Un très intéressant vue de nos cultures. (52:24)



Telile Today # 185 Adam Conter
Rhonda talks with Adam Conter the Marketing & Client Services Manager for Seaside High-Speed about expansion of their high-speed service into parts of Richmond County in May. (time 36:56)


Telile Today # 186 Sacred Temple Tattoo
Rhonda speaks with Jamie Mackay, Tattoo artist and owner of Sacred Temple Tattoo Studio about the art of tattooing.



Telile Today # 187 Isle Madame ATV Riders
Rhonda speaks to chair Norma Boudreau and member Clarence Landry about the clubs progress in the new trail developments on Isle Madame. (time 37:45)



Telile Today #188 Skateboard Park
Rhonda speaks to members of the Skateboard Park Committee and our MLA Michel Samson during their first annual competition held in Arichat on July 10. (41:10)



Telile Today #189 Living off the Grid
Rhonda speaks to Brian Rose and Gina Cloud, residents of Janvrin’s Island, who live completely off the grid. Take a closer look at how easy it is to live off the grid and still have some of the modern conveniences such as high speed internet and satellite TV. (34:46)


Telile Today # 190 - Dan Lane on Coastal Erosion
Dan Lane speaks to Rhonda on how costal erosion affects everyone. Dan is working on a research project in conjunction with l’Université Ste. Anne and the Telfer School of Management, U of Ottawa. Dan chairs the Ocean Management Research Network and C-FOAM. (time 36:15)



Telile Today #191 Appleseed Energy
Brian Rose and Ross MacDonald, co-owners of Appleseed Energy, talk about the business of wind power and other green alternatives for residential, cabin, farming, marine, municipal and business in north eastern Nova Scotia. (29:40)



Telile Today #192 3rd Annual IWK Pig Roast
Rhonda visited the home of David Covin on August 22, 2009 to speak to committee members about their third annual Pig Roast in aid of the IWK. (33:23)



Telile Today #193 Art Exhibit in River Bourgeois
Rhonda spoke to a few artisans who participated in the Art Exhibit in River Bourgeois on September 4. Join us as we enjoy wood carvings, paintings and stained glass (38:25)



Telile Today #194 Thor Kristinsson
Rhonda speaks to Thor Kristinsson on his success as a singer/song writer in Cape Breton and how he came from Iceland to Cape Breton. He also performs a few songs from his new CD which is on sale at the Telile office. (33:45)



Telile Today #195 Helen Slade
Rhonda spoke to Helen Slade, a yoga instructor, who has raised money in support of schools in Afghanistan.
(2010; 38:55)


Telile Today # 196 RCMP on Police Week




Telile Today # 197 Girl Guide Rally
600+ Girl Guides from Pictou County to Cape Breton met at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre on Saturday, May 15 to celebrate 100 years of guiding in Canada. Rhonda speaks to participants and organizers and we share some of the opening ceremonies and workshops including African Dance, Communications and a look at the history of guiding.



Telile Today # 198 Maxine LeBlanc-David
Rhonda speaks to Maxine LeBlanc-David about her battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She is leaving for Bulgaria early June to receive the Liberation Treatment to correct CCSVI (Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency) which is narrowed veins that affects the blood flow to the brain. We hope to follow up with Maxine in September.



Telile Today #199 with Hélène Boudreau
Rhonda speaks to Hélène Boudreau a Petit de Grat native who launched her latest novel “Keep Out” on July 7 at the Petit de Grat Library Branch. (2010; 25:49)



Telile Today #200 with Dakota Rideout
Rhonda speaks to Dakota Rideout of West Arichat on her winning a competition to allow her to perform at one of the ECMA shows. Dakota provided us with a copy of her performance at the show which is included. (2010; 33:24)



Telile Today # 201 with Courtney Kehoe
Rhonda speaks to Courtney Kehoe, a St.F.X. student who travelled to Mexico for a volunteer work placement. Courtney shares her experiences and photos with us. (2010; 31:46)



Telile Today # 202
Isle Madame Volunteer Fire Department
Rhonda speaks to Eugene Samson, fire chief for the Isle Madame Volunteer Fire Department on their organization, what it takes to be a volunteer with the Fire Department, and how they operate on a day to day basis. (2010; 33:41)



Telile Today # 203 - Cancer Care Show Pt. 1
Rhonda speaks with Carolyn Bedford of Port Hawkesbury, breast cancer survivor, about her time at the Lodge That Gives and services offered. Richard McIntosh the Eastern District Coordinator for the Cancer Society speaks about his role with CCS and services available today. (2010, 49:06)



Telile Today # 204 - Cancer Care Show Pt. 2
Rhonda speaks to Carol-Anne Dobbs of Sydney, a lung cancer survivor, who shares her story. She also speaks to Maureen Rowe, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and Victoria District Coordinator, about the Cancer Info hotline. She also speaks about the value of volunteers and what it takes to become a volunteer with CCS. (2010, 37:04)


Telile Today Show # 205
Rhonda speaks with Richard MacIntosh about his work for the Canadian Cancer Society and he shares with us some of the services offered by the society throughout the province. (2010, 37:48)


Telile Today Show # 206
Rhonda speaks with Father Dan Doucet about his newest book to be published. Élizabeth LeFort, Canada’s Artist in Wool. He gives us some background information on the book as well as gives us an update on what he has been doing since we last spoke to him. (2010, 48:26)


Telile Today # 207 - Local New Cycling Club
Join us for a presentation from VELO Cape Breton and a chat with Dr. Phillip Smith to get more information on the new bike club. (2011)



Telile Today # 208 Radio Richmond 104.1FM
Porte-Ouverte célébration de Radio Richmond qui s'est tenue à Mars a le studio au Centre La Picasse. Suivre Billy Joyce pour discours et une tournée (2011)



Telile Today # 209 – Charles Forest Coop
Join Rhonda as she speaks to Gerrard Samson and a rep from the NSLC about the grand re-opening of the Charles Forest Coop which was held on May 19 after their ambitious expansion project was completed. (2011)



Telile Today # 210 – Susan Hreljac
Rhonda speaks with Susan Hreljac about Ryan’s Well Foundation and her family connection to Isle Madame. (2011)

Telile Today #211 – Marie Louise Samson
Rhonda speaks with Marie Louise Samson a Petit de Grat native who has recently completed a novel and is having difficulty publishing it. (2011)

Telile Today #212 – Sara Nettleton
Rhonda speaks with Sara Nettleton on the latest programs offered at the Richmond County Literacy Network. (2011)

Telile Today #213 – Kevin Skinner
Rhonda speaks with Kevin Skinner of Arichat about his hobby making and repairing model boats. (2011)

Telile Today# 214 with Riverside Archery Club
Rhonda speaks with Members of the Riverside Archery Club when they hosted a family afternoon of demonstrations on the soccer field at École Beau-Port


Telile Today # 215 – Jonathan McInnis and Kyle Micheik
Rhonda speaks with Johnathan McInnis and Kyle Micheik about their music careers, two young and upcoming musicians from Cape Breton with totally different styles of music.


Telile Today # 216 – Ben Boudreau
Rhonda speaks with Ben Boudreau, telile’s summer student about summer employment on and around Isle Madame. Ben takes over the interview and speaks to some of his colleagues about the work they are doing for the summer.


Telile Today # 217
Rhonda went to St. Peter’s on August 3, to join in the celebration of Fort Toulouse’s 300 year anniversary. Rhonda speaks with an employee of Parks Canada on the Canal and it’s working history she also speaks with Mr. Pictou after he performs a smudging ceremony.


Telile Today # 218 with Dave Gunning
Dave Gunning drops by the studio to speak with Rhonda about latest work and shares some very interesting stories with us.


Telile Today # 219 Shark Derby
Rhonda went to the Government Wharf in PDG on August 9th to talk to some of the key organizers of the annual shark derby and learns some very interesting things about the sharks off our waters.


Telile Today Show # 220
Rhonda went to the Petit de Grat Library on November 26th and spoke to Laura Embree about the programs and services offered at the Eastern Counties Regional Libraries.

Telile Today Show # 221

Rhonda spoke to Donald Dodge of Efficiency Nova Scotia about some of the incentives offered through their organization.

Telile Today Show # 222
Women’s Softball League
Angèle spoke to Cindy Olsen who is founder and president of the Richmond County Women’s softball League about the teams and how the league is progressing.

Telile Today Show # 223
Options & Opportunities programming and services
Angèle spoke with Tommy Samson at a Showcase celebration on Wednesday, June 4th on the Richmond Academy Options and Opportunities project at the Louisdale Ballfield.

Telile Today Show # 224
Public Market and Codstock
Angèle went down to the LeNoir Landing and spoke to Tonie Pierce and Linda Cameron about the Isle Madame Public Market, Codstock and what to expect at the events.


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Telile is one of only nine over-the-air, not-for-profit, non-branded community stations in Canada.

Telile is now on the Bell Satellite system on Channel 536!
Tune in to check out what's going on in Isle Madame and surrounding areas.


Telile TV Bingo

Play Telile TV Bingo every Wednesday evening at 6 pm ...
guaranteed fun for the whole family, and you never know,
you just might win some cash!

We would like to congratulate all our winners and thank our dedicated players for your continued support!

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Office Hours:

8:30am - 4:30 pm M- F
Ph.# 226-1928

-You can reach us on:

-Channel 536 (Bell Sat)
-Channel 4 (EastLink)
-Channel 10 (Antenna)
-Channel 63 (Seaside)|

(Eastlink and Seaside locally only)

Box 87, 17 Conney's Lane,
Arichat, NS, Canada, B0E 1A0
(902)226-1928 or fax 226-1331

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