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Show # 1
An Interview with Dan Nicholson from District Planning on the new zoning by-laws for Isle Madame. (1998; time 52:47)

Show # 2
Meals on Wheels with Lisa DeWolfe, Louisdale Choir, Jeux de l’Acadie update with Josette Marchand(1998; time 40:07)

Show # 3
Rhonda interviewed Mary Pat Cude on her new book “The Bargain” the historic work of fiction that starts on Janvrin’s Island and is set around Richmond County. Also a musical segment with Buffy McNeil, and some interesting facts on Acadian Culture with Gabriel LeBlanc. (1998; time 41:34)

Show # 4
Rhonda speaks with Fr. JJ MacDonald on his trip to the Holy Land. An Easter Special (1998; time 55:04)

Show # 5
Featuring Gilles LeBlanc discussing his experience on the Bluenose, songs by Aselin Debison, Career Day at IMDH and Cpl. Dianne Stairs. (1998; time 35:15)

Show # 6
If you are considering furthering your education, this program may help you. John Boudreau of IMDH and Gabriel LeBlanc of le College de l’Acadie have some information about education options in our area. (1998; time 34:41)

Show # 7
Rhonda speaks with Alan Samson about the upcoming DUCKS UNLIMITED Banquet followed by DUCKS UNLIMITED video. Also Rhonda dug up an old show where she and Alan went duck hunting. The DUCKS UNLIMITED banquet and auction will be held on June 13 at the Louisdale Parish Hall. (1998; time 32:23)

Show # 8
Claudine LeBlanc visited the studio to update us on the Farmers Market starting on Isle Madame on June 27. Rhonda visited La Picasse for a photo exhibit by Dominic Morissette and Catherine Pappas. She also attended the fishing derby at the Grand Lake and spoke to Hubert Doyle. (1998; time 35:37)

Show # 9
Silver Donald Cameron visited the studio to talk about his new book The Living Beach, following we will share the video, The Living Beach produced in 1995. (1998; time 54:21)

Show # 10
Rhonda visits the Acadian Campsite and Tanya Samson to Talk about Water Safety and the red cross program sponsored by the county. Then we “Cut Loose In D’Escousse” and visit the small wooden boat festival. (1998; time 32:26)

Show # 11
First, we join the opening ceremonies at the new Heliport at St. Anne’s Centre. Next, try and keep your feet still while listening to the dance troupe “La Baie en Joie” from Centre La Picasse. (1998; time 37:55)

Show # 12
Rhonda visited Clearwater and spoke to biologist Michelle Bourque. We also have the Petit de Grat Youth Choir when they sang at the opening of Les Jeux de l’Acadie.(1998; time 34:22)

Show # 13
We tour around this week to visit Sebrof artS to find about wine & beer making in West Arichat, take in the photo exhibit featuring Isle Madame fishers and how pottery is made at Production Picasse(1998; time 33:07)

Show # 14
Hortense à Aimée (Eunice Boudreau) continues her saga of Notre Cabane Sur L’Isle Madame. Please join us for the introductory show from 1995 followed by the latest exciting episode. A guaranteed crowd pleaser. (1995 & 1998; en Français; time 34:00)

Show # 15
This week Telile Today features the Bicycle Rodeo from June; the 125th picnic hosted by the Arichat RCMP in June and an interview with our newest member Constable Guy Fortin. Darlene Osmond also visited the studio to tell us about her award and Rhonda stopped by the art exhibit at the Cap la Ronde church with Barb Clements of Janvrin’s Island.(1998; time 33:50)

Show # 16
Rhonda speaks to Dave Harris from the Department of Natural Resources on crown land and its uses, Lisa DeWolfe and Judy Breau join us for a “Diabetes Dialogue”, Elizabeth Henry and Peggy Ouellette discuss the importance of pap tests and Rhonda spies on a few critters.(1998; time 30:08)

Show # 17
This week features the Arichat Playground grand opening and ceremonies at St. Ann’s Centre for the Ladies Auxiliary to recognize their efforts.(1998 time 28:40)

Show # 18
Rhonda talks to Robert Dauphine of the Blue Bag Recycling Program and he answers questions about the blue bag system in Richmond. (1999; time 33 minutes)

Show # 19
Our MLA, Michel Samson was inducted into the Nova Scotia Barristers Association in November and TELILE was there. Michel joined us in the studio to review what happened to him in 1998 and then we go to the courtroom to watch the ceremony.(1999; time 1 hour)

Show # 20
Rhonda speaks with Don Nicholson about how to make an acre of your garden grow a saleable crop and other interesting tidbits on horticulture.(1998; time 30 minutes

Show # 21
Jack Ouellette visited the studio to speak about Palliative Care. He is an active member of the Palliative Care Society at the Strait Richmond Hospital and Jack explained the role of palliative care in our area. Following Jack’s interview is a video on palliative care.(36 minutes; 1999)

Show # 22
Rhonda speaks to Millie Hat of the Richmond Literacy Network an new educational series called “Math Works” and what is available in this area for literacy.(1999; time 58:25)

Show # 23
Telile visited the Scotia Rainbow Trout Farm in Arichat and spoke to the biologist Jim Murphy, who answers some of the questions you may have about the effects the fish farm has on the health of the harbour. We also spoke to owner Serge Lafrenière and toured the plant and aquaculture site.(1998; time 45 minutes)

Show # 24
Rhonda spoke to Elizabeth Henry and Peggy Ouellette on Women’s health issues. The interview is followed by a short video on Cervical Cancer. Remember, April is Cancer Month.(1999; time 28:00)


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Show # 25
The boys from Party in the Kitchen, Michael McNamara, Kenny Boudreau, Anthony Gaudet and Richard Doiron did some jamming in the studio. Join us and enjoy some great toe-tapping music.(1999, time 1:00:26)

Show # 26

Rhonda spent the day at the new Boy Scouts Camp at Lennox Passage. She spoke to some of the organizers and volunteers. Join us and see what they are doing on that little Island. You will be surprised.(1999)

Show # 27

We did some house cleaning at Telile and found some bits of footage from the past few months. We will begin with the Isle Madame Daycare and their visit to St. Ann’s Centre. Aselin Debison visited the studio at Christmas and sang a few songs. Rhonda spoke to the crafters from Boutique Isle Madame. The Irving garage was turned over to the Historical Society, and lastly we will bring you a home composting video(1999; time 55 minutes)
Show # 28

You may have noticed the CRIME STOPPERS ad on the scroll. Ron Rowe, Coordinator and Jim Wadden, Chairman from Crime Stoppers in Sydney visited the studio to explain what Crime Stoppers is and how it helps everyone.(1999; time 35:52)

Show # 29

Telile Today features Our Lady of Assumption Parish church in Arichat. We talk to Donnie Martell about the recent repairs to the church, Jason Boudrot fills us in on the history and we see some footage taken from the scaffolding when they were repairing the roof.(1999)

Show # 30

Featuring the Antique & Custom Car Show hosted by the Louisdale Lions Den on July 18. Join us while Erica Day chats with some of the car owners about their cars. Find out what is special about their car and why they make antique and custom car collecting their hobby.(1999; time 53:36)

Show # 31

Rhonda and Craig visits the Active Living Centre on Senior’s Day and listened to some music and got a tour of the Active Living Centre. They also went to Forest’s Lake in Petit de Grat for fishing derby sponsored by Richmond Wildlife Association. And finally they stopped by the first annual Arichat Regatta held in August.

Show # 32

Did you ever wonder what Development Isle Madame does? We are going to answer some of your questions. Join us for the first show in a two-part series on Development Isle Madame and some of its current projects. Craig Samson talks to Darrell Landry and Brenda Martell about DIMA’s current projects and Darrell takes us to the Cap Auguet Eco Trail and Arichat Water front Development project. Jason Boudrot also speaks on some history of DIMA. (1999)

Show # 33

Part two of the Development Isle Madame series highlighting some more of DIMA’s projects. This show will feature AFL Tank Manufacturing, the Community Investment Funds and the Fisheries Coop along with some information on the future of DIMA. (1999)

Show # 34

Telile’s new intern, Amanda Boudreau hosts Telile Today. She talks to the other participants in the 20 week Youth Services program and speaks to the coordinator Aline Langdon about the project’s goals and objectives. Join us while the 14 participants introduce themselves and tell us where they will be working for the next 20 weeks. (1999; 30 minutes)

Show # 35

Craig Samson visits Janvrin’s Island during Janvrin’s Fest ’99 celebrations. Join Craig while he speaks to some of the participants of Janvrin’s Fest including Gloria Hill, Wendy Boudreau, Lisa & Ainsley McNamara, Karroll and Karen Marchand, Mrs. Janvrin’s 1998 and Ellie Boudreau

Show # 36

Craig and Rhonda visited the Petit de Grat Festival last summer and will share some highlights with you, They also talked to the organizers of Radio Commautaire 97.1FM which broadcast during the week of the festival.(1999; 30 minutes)

Show # 37

Rhonda found out about the latest in recycling, Gloria gives blood at the blood donor clinic held at Isle Madame District High School in Arichat and Rhonda speaks to the Canada World Youth exchange participants staying with Martha Nettleton.

Show # 38

We visit the gang at Youth Services to see how things are going. The hosts, Crystal Elliott and Amanda Boudreau, two youth services participants, speak to the other participants and find out how things went. We will also see some of the work they have completed over the 20-week project. Crystal edited the program and she did a great job.
(2000; time 35:16)

Show # 39

This show features a chat wit some of the organizers of Baraco Days in Louisdale and the progress on the Rosary Park next to the St. Louis Parish church in Louisdale.

(2000; time 48:00)

Show # 40

Restez avec nous pour un petit goût de la culture acadienne de la journée artisanale à École Petit de Grat. (2000; time 35:16)

Show # 41

Fr. John J. MacDonald from D’Escousse joined us for a travel update on his trip to Scotland. He brought back some pictures and lots of stories, so join us. (2000; time 52.50)

Show # 42

Jeanne Belford and Jeanne Stone joined Rhonda in the studio to discuss the Isle Madame Genealogy Summit held on Isle Madame, Louisdale, and River Bourgeois on August 14 to 19. (2000.;33:46)

Show # 43

A special evening of appreciation was held at St. Anne’s Centre to honour the doctors of our community. Mrs. Ida Mauger and Mrs. Mae MacDonald were also given a millennium award of recognition. (2000; time 30:48)

Show # 44

Nikki Samson visited Rhonda to review the fire arms application. The deadline for the application was October 15, 2000. (2000; 41:07)

Show # 45

Join Rhonda as she gets a tour of the HMCS Goose Bay and speaks to some of the crew and officials. The HMCS Goose Bay is a navy vessel working in conjunction with Canada Customs and the RCMP. (2000; time 36:00)

Show # 46

Telile joins the many participants on the 20th Annual Terry Fox Run held in Arichat on September 17. Whitney Landry and the Petit de Grat Steppers also perform for us.

(2000; 42:28)

Show # 47

Telile went to visit the Classic Arabian Horse Farm in West Bay and spoke to Jessica von Kummant about the thoroughbreds. Also, Aselin Debison sang us a few songs at the Seafood Festival. (2000; time 41:30)

Show # 48

Telile visited the Health Fair held at the Isle Madame Senior Citizen’s Centre on November 23. Rhonda spoke to Health Providers on topics that are of interest to you We also have some scenes from Harbour Fest 2000 produced by SENCEN this summer. (2000; time 38:50)

Show # 49

Rhonda spent some time with Jamus Dorey from the Inverness Richmond Society for Persons with Disabilities. Jamus filled us in on the needs assessment study currently under way and the role of the society. We will round out the show with another segment from SENCEN on Isle Madame. (2001; 30 minutes)


Show # 50

During this 50th show of Telile Today, we celebrated the 150th Anniversary at Louisdale. Join us as we speak to Viola Landry about the history of the community and watch some footage provided by the Historical Society of the celebrations. (2001; time 30 minutes)


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Show # 51

Telile spent some time with municipal employees. Darin McLean, the engineer with the Public Works Department will give us a tour of the renovations of the courthouse. Erin Moore is the new Tourism Development Officer and she will fill us in on some of her plans. (2001; time 24:30)

Show # 52

TELILE vous presente un classic de 1995. Une petite pièce par Eunice, Charmaine et Geraldine Boudreau et des musicians. Pendant cette pièce vous pouriez voir des vieilles gens de la communauté de 1995. On souhaite que vous aimez cette presentation! (2001; temps 30:00).

Show # 53

Semaine Nationale de la Francophonie Premierement nous verons Gabriel LeBlanc comme “Pépé Gabe” qui parle sur le Folklore Acadien, après nous parlerons avec Billy Joyce le coordinateur de la Radio Communautaire de Richmond. (2001; 50:56)

Show # 54

Greg Silver, a local businessman from D’Escousse, recently visited China on a business trip and will be sharing some of his adventures with us.
(2001; time 59:58)

Show # 55

Rhonda visited Dixon Cole, a double amputee with a spinal disorder. Dixon wheeled across Canada in his wheelchair to raise awareness and money for the Canadian Parapelegic Association. (2001; 28:40)

Show # 56

Join Rhonda as she speaks to Darin MacLean on a tour of the Louisdale sewage treatment facility, then we join Alice MacIsaac of the SPCA as she outlines our responsibilities as pet owners. (2001)

Show # 57

Rhonda a fait une tournée au Collège de l’Acadie avec Guy Pascal Weiner, il a expliqué le nouveau programme de l’aquaculture. (2001; temps 30:00).

Show # 58

Fr. John J. MacDonald visits the studio to share some photo’s and stories on his trip to Mexico in January. (2001; time 54:44).

Show # 59

Rhonda speaks to Pat Gorham of the Island Restorative Justice society and Lepa Jancovick of the RCMP Restorative Justice program.

Show # 60

Rhonda speaks to Mark Vanderhoeden, Tom Murray and Danny MacLean at the Department of Natural Resources office in St. Peter’s about their duties and info that is important to us.(2001; temps 42:20).

Show # 61

Rhonda visits Fr. John J. MacDonald and his beautiful flower garden and gets some gardening tips. (2001; temps 29:30).

Show # 62

Rhonda gets a tour of the Flat Calm Country Inn in D’Escousse and speaks to Don MacKenzie about the renovations and future plans. (2001; time 35:00)

Show # 63

Rhonda speaks to Jackie Samson, President of the Arichat and Area Block Parent Association about the annual Bike Rodeo, she also provided us with two videos for children on home safety and street safety. (2001; time 36:45).

Show # 64

Rhonda visits Walter & Yvonne Eggenberger at the Malagawatch Deer Farm. Walter takes us through the red deer farm, processing plant and restaurant that he and his wife own and run. (2001; time 45:45).

Show # 65

Fr. Daniel Doucet visited us to discuss his new novel, “Codfish and Angels” and reminisce about his time on Isle Madame. (2001; time 44:40)

Show # 66

Chrissy MacNeil and Janelle Samson spoke to Rhonda about their trip to Rome for the World Youth Day conference. Following the interview is the youth mass in celebration of the Pilgrimage of the Cross, given to the youth by Pope. (2001; time 52:00).

Show # 67

We join the “Inverness Richmond Society for Person’s with Disabilities” annual meeting for a very moving address from Laurie Cranton , then Rhonda speaks to Jamus Dorey about some of the societies goals and objectives. (2001; time 27:50).

Show # 68

Fr. John J. MacDonald visited Telile to share stories and photos about his trip to Rome.

(2001; time 54:49).

Show # 69

We have a chat with Hugh Samson, coordinator of “Codstock 2001” about the musical event and we have a few video’s from Codstock’s headliners “Sons of Maxwell”. We also leave you with a segment on Janvrin’s Fest 2000 produced by a local CAP Site.

(2001; time 24:45).

Show # 70

Greg Silver, President of Tourism and Trade Isle Madame visited the studio to bring us up to date on the new Signage Plaza located on Burnt Island. He also wanted to invite businesses to join Tourism and Trade Isle Madame to enjoy the many benefits.

(2001; time 39:10).

Show # 71

Rhonda spoke to Corporal John Warr, the newest member of the local RCMP detachment, and Lisa Berthier who is helping to coordinate the Congrès Mondial Acadian 2004. (2002)

Show # 72

Telile is proud to speak to the band members of 4-4 The Lord, a contemporary Christian group, with local musician Jamus Dorey and three musicians from Sydney. They also performed a few songs for us from Our Lady of Assumption church in Arichat on Feb.10.

Show # 73

We visit the Waste Management Facility and spoke to Darin McLean to find out where our blue bag goes after curbside pick-up, then we visit the Green Island recycling Ltd. In Sydney to see how they are processed.

Show # 74

Adam Cooke, a local musician, visited us in the studio to sing a few songs from his first CD entitled, “Adam Cooke and Friends: Side Roads”. Rhonda spoke to him about his future plans. His CD’s and Cassettes are on sale at Telile

(2002) Show # 75

Rhonda speaks to Beatrice MacNeil, an author that lives in Big Pond, about her latest children’s book “The Cat That Ate The Moon” and other books she has written.


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