Below are various headings of all the Tapes for School Productions that we have in our inventory. You can see the complete list of all the tapes on the right or email

These productions cover many of the events that come from our local school’s such as graduations, plays and concerts. Follow links below from various schools.

Graduations 1992-2005...below
Richmond Academy
École Beau Port



IMDH 1998 Graduation Ceremonies includes portions of the mass and Prom. (1998; time 2:07:00)

I M D H G r a d u a t i o n 2000

Please join the students and staff for IMDH’s final graduation ceremony. The program includes the grand march, safe grad party, the mass and the convocation exercises. (2000; Time 2:06:00)

Isle Madame Day Care Graduation (1997)
Premiers Remise des Diplômés de l’École Beau-Port 2001
Includant le “Safe Grad”, la Messe de Finissant(e)s, la remise des diplômes et la promenade
(2001; temps 1:46:00).

Join the first graduating class of Richmond Academy as they celebrate their convocation.
(2001; time 2:10:00).

Richmond Academy Graduation 2001

Richmond Academy Graduation 2002

Richmond Academy Graduation 2003

Richmond Academy Graduation 2004

Richmond Academy Graduation 2005

Richmond Academy Graduation 2006

Richmond Academy Graduation 2007

Join the graduating class of Richmond Academy through the graduation exercise, mass and safe grad.

Including grand march, prim, supper, mass and graduation exercises (2004; 2:15:26)
Includant le “Safe Grad”, la Messe de Finissant(e)s, la remise des diplômes et la promenade

Remise des Diplômés de l’École Beau-Port 2003

Remise des Diplômés de l’École Beau-Port 2004

Remise des Diplômés de l’École Beau-Port 2005

Remise des Diplômés de l’École Beau-Port 2006

Remise des Diplômés de l’École Beau-Port 2007

Venez applaudir les gradué(e)s de l’Ecole Beau-Port lors de la remise des diplôme qui a eu lieu au Centre La Picasse (2004 ; 1:16:20)

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IMDH Farewell Grad Show & Safe Grad

Farewell is not a word of warning for departure, but rather a celebration of deeds done together. In honour of Graduation week, Telile presents the variety show hosted by the students at IMDH. (1998; 2:13:23)

1st IMDH Show and Islapalooza

IMDH Show featuring interview with Dave Forgeron, Sports interview, interview with Janelle Samson concerning Ways and Means committee; Valentines feature with Sue Anne and Adam; 30 Hour Famine and Islapalooza Concert. (1999; 1:51:00)

Student Echo Jeunesse # 2

IMDH Show featuring square dancing, dissection in Biology, Spring Fling, Phillip Riteman and his experiences during WW2; and École Petit de Grat. (1999; 1:01:42)
I M D H S h o w # 3

Featuring interview with Dave Forgeron, Don MacNeil , Charles Cyr; Remembrance Day ceremonies Hockey, Grade 9 work experience and cafeteria spoof and GAP commercial. (1999; 39:45)
I M D H S h o w # 4

Featuring Interviews with the Canada World Youth; Jean Marc Samson; Allan Fougère and Miguel Mena; Blood Donor Clinic, Sports and Y2K comments. (1999; 56:58)
I M D H S h o w # 5

Please join us for the latest IMDH Show featuring the Fraggle Rock show, exam stresses, sports, valentines wishes and more.

I M D H S h o w # 6

The students of IMDH are once again going to bring us inside the school to share some of the activities with us. So join us and enjoy.

I M D H S h o w # 7

The IMDH Show is produced by the IMDH / Telile Committee of students from grades 9 – 12. In the past, these programs have featured music, interviews, spoofs on commercials, sports and much more so don’t miss it, it is sure to be a great show.

I M D H S h o w # 8

Join the IMDH/TELILE Committee for an all-new IMDH Show. This week will feature a look at a school play, “The Princess Bride”, sports highlights, music, students issues and much more, so don’t miss it! (2000)

Mock Car Accident 2000

is a reenactment of a fatal wreck on prom night. A sobering look at graduation fun.
School Daze (1996)

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Richmond Academy
Richmond Academy official Opening (2001;1:06:27)

T h e R i c h m o n d A c a d e m y

The students at the Richmond Academy are going to carry on the tradition from the “IMDH Show’s”. Join us as we get a tour of the school and see some of the activities taking place. (2000)
Decades in Tune—The students from Drama 11, Communications Technology 11 & Artistic Directors Design 11 at Richmond Academy produced a video review of the culture and music from the 50’s to the 90’s for a class project. Please enjoy this 35-minute nostalgic look at the last half century.

(A Richmond Academy Production © 2001)
Join the students at the Richmond Academy as they bring you some sporting events, winter carnival activities and more so don’t miss it. (2001).
We join John Stephen’s Art & Design class for a few of his guest speakers including David Stephens and his “ART CAR” a unique 84 Camero. A car lover’s must-see. (2001)
Lieutenant Governor Awards Ceremony by the Honorable Myra Freeman at Richmond Academy, may 27 (2003;39:32)

Richmond Academy Scholastic Awards (2002;39:32)

Mock Car Accident (40:08)

Fine Arts Night at Richmond Academy (1:33:38)

Scholastic Awards

Richmond Academy honors their best students during the annual Scholastic Awards. Held on May 11 (2006; 47:10)

Louisdale Christmas Concert 2007

held on Dec. 10 at the Performing Arts Room at Richmond Academy

Richmond Academy Interact Club hosted a concert on October 16 to bring awareness against poverty. (1 hr; 2007)

Schools Productions
These productions cover many of the events that come from our local school’s such as graduations, plays and concerts.

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École Beau Port
É c o l e P e t i t d e G r a t

Un spectacle de musique et danse présenté par les élèves de l’École Petit de Grat. Nous débutons l’année scolaire du bon pied en vous présentant un spectacle enregistré en juin 2000 qui mettra en œuvre de très belles présentations des élèves de cette école. (2000; Temps 46:20)

Rally Sportif École Petit de Grat

(Arichat) Les élèves à l’École Petit de Grat célèbrent leurs équipes sportifs et voient sur un nouveau nom pour leur école!! (2001; temps 58:00).

École Petit de Grat (Arichat)

Veuillez rejoindre les étudiants de l’École Petit de Grat qui partagent avec nous quelques activités de cette école. (2001)

La Micarame (1996)
École Beau-Port

Remise des Médaille de la Lieutenant gouverneure (2003; 58:35)
Un défile de Mode (37:34)

Collège de l’Acadie – Petit de Grat—Venez visiter pour un aperçu des programmes offerts et de la technologie utilisée. (2001;15:00)

Les Jeux de l’Acadie 2003 Cérémonie de Clôture (2003;58:35)

Foir de Santé a l’École Beau-Port (41:30)

Carnival d’Hiver à l’École Beau-Port 2005 (2005, 32:35)

Concert de fin d’année École Beau-Port 2005 (2005, 1:08:33)

Banquet des Athlètes École Beau Port 2005 (48:00)
École Beau-Port Concert de Noël 2005
Le Tintamare de Beau-Port

Présenté par les élèves le 5 juin à l’École Beau Port.
Le Tintamare de Beau-Port Pt. 2

Présenté par les élèves le 5 juin de l’École Beau Port. (2006; 48:05)

Concert de Noël 2006
présenté par École Beau-Port, Arichat, le 17 décembre 2006

Foire de sciences
Suivre les étudiants d’École Beau-Port quand ils présentent leurs projets de sciences (2007; 27:30)

Le Tintamare de Beau-Port (partie 1)
Présenté par les élèves le 7 juin 2007 à l’École Beau-Port
Les évènements à École Beau-Port

They hosted a cheerleading competition on April 18 and a presentation by Halifax-based “Oceans Wild” on April 22 featuring the “Whale and Shark Show”.

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